5 Sources of Vegan Protein


One of the most common misconceptions of veganism is that it’s difficult to get enough protein.

When I first went vegan I used an app (Wholesome) to log what I was eating to double check that I was getting all my nutrients and to see if there was anything lacking. I find I get the recommended daily allowance of protein (45g) without even trying!

Now I’m taking on my fitness challenge I’m trying to up my protein intake to around 90g per day. There are lots of different opinions and theories on how much you should have but I’ve decided on 90g as I will be building lean muscle but not bulking. Just see what works for you or get advice from a nutritionist if you’re not sure.

I thought I’d give you an idea of where I get my protein from and you should see that it’s easier than expected to up your intake.


1  Hemp protein powder

50g of protein per 100g, hello muscles! I add 2 tablespoons (10g protein) to my smoothie in the morning and have another one in the afternoon after a work out. I’m currently experimenting with making protein pancakes so once I’ve figured out the recipe I’ll post it on here.


2  Nutritional Yeast

Roughly 4g of protein per tablespoon. This doesn’t seem like much but if you add 3 tablespoons to a dish, it will make all the difference. I add this to spag bol, chilli, soup and pasta dishes.


3  Tofu

Tofu comes in all forms: Smoked, marinated, deep fried, raw… and is very versatile. I recently made a dip from silken tofu which was super quick, easy and had 24g of protein!


4  Chia seeds

17g of protein per 100g. I add these to my post work out smoothie and they can also be added to stir fries, soups, salads and most other dishes!


5  Lentils

9g of protein per 100g. They’re great for bulking dishes and as a meat replacement. I recently made a vegan sloppy joes from lentils!


This should get you started! Other sources of protein include beans, pulses, nuts, nut butters and whole grains. Check the nutritional info on the back of products if you’re unsure of protein levels.

If you’re looking to build muscle and are still wary of doing so on a vegan diet, research vegan bodybuilders and athletes for ideas. My thoughts are that if David Haye can do it, anyone can!



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4 thoughts on “5 Sources of Vegan Protein

  1. Love this post! I’m vegetarian working on becoming vegan, I do vegan about three days a week and vegetarian the rest. I have been working out lately and was thinking about adding protein and this will be super helpful!


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