Packing for Copenhagen!


I’m heading to Denmark in a couple of weeks so thought I’d share what I’m packing!

I always pack light so plan to mix and match outfits in order to save space. I’m thinking the weather will be slightly chilly but not freezing so will chuck in a waterproof coat with this lot…

All clothes


You gotta love basics. Plain leggings, t shirts and jumpers that go with absolutely everything and never go out of style. I’m packing this yellow t shirt and brown leggings, both of which are form American Apparel. I swear by this brand as they provide good quality classic items AND if you shop their sales you can save a load of dollar.


My style is a total miss mash but it works. Sort of. For me… haha!

Bright, Bold & Retro

These trainers are one of my most worn items. The brand is Tigerbear Republik. They were £15 from eBay, are shower proof and really comfortable, so they definitely made the cut. They’re also very light so are great if you’re planning to walk a lot (which I am).

The jumper is warm, snuggly and oversized. Not to mention there’s enough colour in it for a whole wardrobe. It’s technically a vintage golf jumper and was another eBay bargain!



I am loving this shirt at the moment. It was actually my boy’s but he decided he didn’t like it so whoops, it ended up in my wardrobe! It’s faded, distressed and mega baggy; perfect to chuck on over a pair of leggings.

These jeggings are one of my go to pieces. They look slightly more smart than leggings but are still just as comfy.


There you have it. I’ll be mixing and matching these items while parading around Copenhagen. Let’s hope the weather holds out!

Are you going on any trips this year?
Are you good at packing light?!




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