Snuggle up with a Hot Chocolate


I was very kindly sent these marshmallows from Freedom Confectionery and it was very well timed as I’ve had vegan hot chocolate sat in the cupboard for ages, waiting for the weather to get chilly and the evenings darker.

I always thought I was such a summer kid but I do feel excited for Autumn, Halloween and even Christmas, say what?! I’m looking forward to snuggling up under a blanket in my cosy socks with a book and a hot chocolate. YUM.


I got vanilla and strawberry flavours and they are both so delicious! Tasty, gooey and a perfect topping for my hot choccy. As shown on the packet, they are vegan and free of nuts, soy, gluten and GMO.


I set up a little tea station in my office which I’ll be so thankful for this winter. It means I can make a brew without having to move, bliss.
The hot chocolate is not only vegan but low in calories so if you’re looking for a healthy(ish) alternative, it’s worth a try.
It’s a squeezy bottle so I squirted a generous amount into my cup, filled it up with hot water, stirred and added a load of marshmallows!


This has to be the best way to keep warm, right?


What’s your favourite warm beverage?
Are you looking forward to the cold weather?



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