My Copenhagen Goals


I am so ridiculously excited to visit Copenhagen! There is so much I want to do and I’m only there for four days so have been planning the itinerary in order to fit everything in.

These are top of the list at the moment:

1  Copenhagen Zoo

I think I’ve only been to a zoo once as an adult so must go here!

2  Den Blaa Planet

‘The Blue Planet’ is Denmark’s aquarium and it looks AMAZING. It has loads of those underwater tunnels that you can walk through and I’m pretty sure there are polar bears!

3  The beach

This is a tad silly but the beach is my most favourite place ever so if there’s the option of visiting one in a different country I will most likely take it.

4  Roxy Klassik

This, as I understand it, is a giant interiors shop/warehouse. There’s nothing I love more than snooping old vintage furniture and homewares so this sounds right up my street. Although buying anything is a no go because it won’t make it on the flight home. Boo!

5  Zoological Museum

I’d love to go here after or before the zoo. Animals and animal skeletons, makes sense, right?

6  Simpleraw

I had a little browse for restaurants and cafes and came across this vegan/veggie raw place. I’ve never eaten raw meals so would love it try it out.

7  Mermaid Statue

I’m not as fussed about this as I imagine some people are but will still aim to see it and take a cheeky pic!

8  Freetown Christiania

I’m so excited to see this. It’s an area of Copenhagen that is green, car free and is known for its inhabitant’s different way of life. There’s homemade houses, workshops and art galleries. Read more about it here.

9  Designmuseum

This displays decorative art, crafts and industrial designs and looks amazing. I’m thinking this is a must for anyone who loves art and interiors.

10  Kunsthal Charlottenberg

This is another art gallery and some of there past exhibitions were incredible. I think the exhibitions change all the time so will see what it has to offer when I’m there.

11  Canal Tour

I didn’t do a boat trip in Amsterdam so must do this in Denmark!

Have you been to Copenhagen?
Where would you recommend to visit?



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8 thoughts on “My Copenhagen Goals

  1. Try and get to the Little Mermaid statue early to avoid the crowds which might ruin it a bit. You can get a river bus from near the statue to the other side of the river, where I’d definitely recommend visiting Paprioen for lunch one day.
    If you’re looking for more upmarket food stalls, Torvehallerne near Norreport station has great food and not too expensive. While you’re over that way Copenhagen Cathedral is pretty if you like that kind of thing, and the Round Tower is just down the road and great for panoramic views of the city.
    Definitely have to give Tivoli a visit too…it’s about 150 years old but has modern rides. If you’ve got time, try and visit in the afternoon/evening so you get to see it in daylight and at night.
    Hope you have a great time!


  2. Lucky you! I visited Copenhagen in the summer and fell in love with the city. The design museum and canal tour are musts. Christiania was also very cool to see. Try to check out Paprioen for an amazing choice of Street Food x


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