Vegan Tapas

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I’m trying to branch out a bit with my cooking (while still aiming for relatively quick and easy recipes) so I decided to try tapas!

I had a few ideas that I wanted to try and then came across some kale ones so I decided to mix them up and throw them all together for a light lunch. This didn’t take long at all and works great for a picnic style lunch or just some nibbles.


New Potatoes

I boiled the potatoes, drained them and mixed in a tablespoon of Pure spread and a handful of fresh parsley. The fresh herbs really make a difference and add so much flavour so from now on I’ll be using them over the dried ones.



I make this all the time so you’ve probably seen it creep up on my blog before! See the full recipe here. It’s so quick and you can make a batch to last a couple of days which is why it’s a big favourite of mine.


Spicy Kale

I stir fried fresh kale leaves in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and added a small sprinkle of garlic powder and a tablespoon of chilli powder. I would recommend using actual chilis if you can but I only had powder, which also worked fine.


Grilled Watermelon

I chopped the watermelon into slices and grilled it for approximately 6 minutes. I then seasoned it with sea salt and black pepper. It was really tasty, still with a zingy watermelon flavour; definitely one worth trying.


I added humous, crackers and chutneys and there you have it… Vegan Tapas!  I was really pleased with the final result and it was much more filling than I expected. It was actually really fun to make as each dish is so simple yet adds so much flavour when they’re all together. It doesn’t take long either so it’s perfect for a light lunch or evening nibbles.

What would you include in a Tapas meal?



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