Journey to Gymnastics 1: Consultation


I’ve always been a fidgety, restless sort of human and as a result of this I’ve always done an intense amount of exercise. As a child I was always jumping, climbing and bouncing so I was taken to Tumble Tots at aged 2.

I did my first proper gymnastics class at aged 4 and was in a squad at ages 5 to 9. At this point it was starting to take over my life and as there was many other interests accumulating in my brain, I dropped back to a recreational level. I finally left at about 12 and moved on to trampolining and dance until I was dancing full time at college. At this point the other interests were taking over again and so for the next few years my exercise regime faltered, consisting of bouts in the gym and a LOT of walking.


While I was studying/working/graduating I literally relied on walking to keep active. I didn’t have any money or time but not owning a car meant I was walking about 5 miles a day just to get to where I needed to be. I figured this was better than nothing!

Fast forward to now and I’m working from home with very little time or space to fit in enough exercise to fulfil my needs. I do small yoga sessions and have the odd week or month where I have time to really go for it but it’s not as regular or intense as I would like.


So… I’m heading back to the gym! I’ve got myself a very lovely personal trainer/gymnastics coach who is going to help me build my strength and flexibility back (apparently I won’t have completely lost it all which is a huge bonus!) and am also going to be working towards gymnastics at level 5!

For anyone who’s never tried gymnastics I would strongly urge you to. It uses every muscle  in your body and you’ll find you ache in places you didn’t even know existed. The lower level moves look way easier than they actually are, which is mega frustrating! It’s also completely terrifying; always good to face a fear, aye!

There are plenty of adult classes and you don’t need to have done it previously, which is a great way of getting started. I chose a personal trainer partly due to time (classes are usually in the evenings which is my busiest work time) and partly because I’m not very good at doing exercise in a fun, light hearted way, haha! I need a certain level of intensity and this way my conditioning will be tailored to my individual goals, strengths and weaknesses.


I will of course be blogging my journey, progress, fails and milestones hopefully to encourage other people to give it a go.


Use #journeytogymnastics to follow my progress on social media.



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