Mori-nu Silken Tofu


I was so glad to receive this block of tofu through the post! I’ve recently ventured into a new fitness journey (more about that later) and I’m trying to up my protein intake so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

I decided to keep it simple and make a dip as I’ve been snacking on carrot and celery sticks; they could really use some added flavour!

I loaded the tofu into my blender with one clove of garlic, some fresh parsley leaves and a pinch of sea salt.


Once it was blended (the texture was oh so creamy btw) I mixed in some chopped spring onions and voila!

It was so ridiculously quick and easy and now I have some yummy dip for my veggie sticks.
The whole box had 24.5 grams of protein which is great news for me as I sometimes struggle with finding enough protein while training, the more options I have the better.


I will continue to buy the silken tofu as I’ve never come across any other vegan product that has such a creamy texture. I’d also like to try making a pasta sauce and maybe a cheeky cheesecake!

I’ve a fan of versatile cooking products so that is a big plus for me.


I ended up with a lot of leftover dip so some was added to my salad wrap the following day!


What would you make with silken tofu?



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Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples.

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