My Bullet Journal: 3 months on


Around April I started the craze that is bullet journalling. It has proved very useful although it has taken a few weeks to tweak it in order for it to reach its full potential (for me, anyway).

I’ve got to the point where I use it every day, it keeps me on track and aware of the goals that I’m working towards. So I thought I’d do a little update and share with you what’s worked and what has been changed.


First of all, I added a Habit Tracker. It proved helpful by reminding me to do certain tasks that usually get forgotten and also as a general log to make me more aware of how my time is spent.

I used this for the whole of June but then decided to adjust it. I found I was wasting time logging things like “hair washing”, “no spending” etc. So instead of a habit tracker I now have a mammoth daily task list which is split into sections.

I’ve taken forward the important things that I’d like to spend time on (learning German, MBA work, social media) and slotted them into my rough daily routine. So far this has worked really well and I’ve been much more productive in utilising every second of my time.


Secondly, I’ve added some Summer Goals! These were too long term for my weekly lists but too short term for my yearly goals so I created a section just for them (aren’t they lucky?!)

They are mostly business goals but will give me some focus and will hopefully encourage me to make the most of the summer holidays in order to be prepared for a busy September. I numbered them in order of priority… I obviously haven’t stuck to this, haha!


This is an important one. I SCHEDULED holiday time! I made sure that for this time I didn’t have to worry about tasks and goals; I did this as a reminder that it’s okay to take time out. I thought that by writing it down, it would be clearer in my mind that for that week I didn’t need to think or check my bullet journal constantly but could just relax.

I came back afterwards fully refreshed and ready to get on with everything, boom!


My weekly tasks are still going strong although I now run the week from Sunday to Friday which has helped. I have Saturdays off so it’s a nice break between each set of tasks.

Ooh, I also added my Twitter chat schedule. I have been a bit slack with participating recently as I’ve been so busy but I keep this timetable so if I have a spare hour I can jump in a chat!


I’m aware that my Bullet Journal isn’t the prettiest but it’s SO extremely useful that I don’t mind. I use it much more for practical reasons than creative ones so please don’t judge my messy writing and the non aesthetically pleasing journal!


Do you use a Bullet Journal?
Has it increased your productivity?



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9 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal: 3 months on

  1. I found your blog on twitter and I love it. I haven’t started bullet journalling as I have a diary but I’m already using some of the ideas.


  2. I’m so intrigued by bullet journals! I’m trying to decide if I like straight up to-do lists or want something a bit more intense. Thanks for showing us you’re version!!


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