Review: Ruffle Snuffle Pet Toys & Treats


I actively support start ups and small business owners as I think shopping locally is an important part of economic growth, as well as supporting hard working, ambitious individuals instead of big corporations!

Because of this I have all in the time in the world for helping to promote/shouting about products from small brands that I think are great.

Ruffle Snuffle provide a selection of hand baked treats for cats, dogs and horses, as well as natural grooming products, toys and of course, ruffle snuffle rugs! All the products are hand made in Britain and the treats contain no nasties.

As you can imagine, I was very excited to receive this parcel from Ruffle Snuffle. And so was Tiger Lily!

We received the Ruffle Snuffle Poppet in candy colours and the Tasty Beef with Fresh Parsley Woofed Treats!

So, what is a Ruffle Snuffle rug?

It’s made of very soft fabric which is tied securely to the rubber base. Treats are hidden amongst the folds and gaps so the pup can dig and schnuffle around to find them all! It provides mental and physical exercise and the fact that it’s full of treats mean the pet is unlikely to lose focus!


I have been vigilant with what I feed Tiger, partly because of her size and therefore low tolerance of any “poisons” and also because I did so much research before I got her about the best types of food and treats. These treats are perfect as they have no artificial ingredients and are high in protein. You can see the full list of ingredients and nutritional breakdown here.
Not to mention she absolutely loves them and dances about at my feet whenever I pick up the packet!

For training and filling the Ruffle Snuffle I break them up into pieces but for one off occasions she has a whole treat.

When I first gave her the Ruffle Snuffle the smell of treats overcame any cautiousness that she would usually have about a strange object. Once she’d got the first one there was no going back. She snuzzled about for a good 20 minutes (I’ve never see her concentrate so much, haha!).


You can see her initial reaction on this video on her Facebook Page.

As soon as she’d got most of the treats, she started digging away at it. She really went for it and the rug still looks as new; it’s pretty hardy!
During the afternoon I filled it up again and put it in my office so I could get on with some work. It kept her thoroughly entertained and after a while I looked over to check on her and she fast asleep on it!


I would thoroughly recommend the Ruffle Snuffle rug for all dog owners. It’s great for providing entertainment if you’re busy and encourages independence. They are available in different sizes and colours and the Ruffle Snuffle Vogue even allows you pick your own colours!

I imagine it could work really well for dogs who are a bit nervous about being left alone as it’s an excellent distraction with the added positive reinforcement from the treats.
Tiger is never left too long anymore as we both work from home but if there was a day where we had to go out for a few hours, I will now be leaving her with a Ruffle Snuffle full of treats!




Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples.

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