A Day in the Life of Me


At the moment I’m trying to juggle many aspects of life which are all fun, challenging and fulfilling in their own way but sometimes my brain goes KAPUTT and it’s difficult to keep track of it all without becoming overwhelmed.

My Bullet Journal has helped a lot with keeping me organised and aware of current and future goals. Recently I added a Daily Task Checker which pretty much gives me a rough outline for each day and it has made it much easier to stay productive.

I thought I’d share my “average day” with you all as I get a lot of questions like “what do you actually do? “. My fiancé and I run a music tuition business and as I don’t teach, it seems to leave a lot of confusion regarding my job role.

My Daily Task Checker is split into the following manageable sections.

1  Rise and Shine

I get up earlyish and usually head straight out to walk the dog. I make sure to drink a good amount of water and have a smoothie for breakfast. See my Morning Routine post for more detail on all of this. I try and do yoga and/or a work out before I start work.


2  First Tasks

As silly as it may sound to some, I’ve researched the peak times for each social media channel and 8:30am is Instagram’s time so my first task of the day is to Instagram for both my blog and the business. After that I spend some time learning German (I’m trying to become fluent in it) and schedule all my social media posts (for Twitter and Facebook) for the next couple of days. I try to keep 2 days ahead at all times.

3  Admin

Next up is the daily checking of emails, updating our calendar of students, working out who needs to pay or fill out forms. I fill out our income and expenses as we go to make it easier for Tax Return time!

4  House/Pets/Chores

By this time the morning lessons are usually done so I do various household chores or errands. This could be food shopping, flea-ing the pets, post office/bank trips, washing, cleaning or hoovering. This would probably include preparing lunch and snacks for the day.

Tiger Billy yawn

5  The Bulk

Now is the time for my Weekly Tasks, which are outlined in my bullet journal. These vary from week to week but could include designing artwork, taking photos, learning a song on ukulele, tax returns, writing contracts, planning promotional campaigns, researching new ideas and concepts… the list is endless! This is in regards to the business, but there is also blog posts to be written, blog graphics to make and my MBA work to do.


6  Dinner Time

I then have a break to feed the pets and cook our dinner. The boy teaches solidly from 2pm/3pm to 8:30pm so I plan dinner for when he sometimes has a 30 minute break within that time.

7 Evening tasks

I use the evening time to participate in or host twitter blog chats, ideally do some more German, check emails and update the diary for the day. We keep a daily diary as a back up to our calendar/income, where any last minute changes can be logged.


This is pretty much our routine from Sunday to Friday. Saturdays are usually ukulele filled! Either we record a cover song, make tutorial videos for students or put on a community ukulele class.

uke small

There you go; that’s my standard work day. I feel really lucky to do what I do and hope we can continue to expand, improve and have fun!



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8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Me

  1. It sounds like you’ve really got everything sorted, I wish my days looked like this! I’ve always wanted to learn German but really struggle with languages, so we’ll done!


  2. Intrigued by the 8.30am Instagram slot.

    I’ve started to favourite 7.30am during the week but without any real research, it just simply a) fits my schedule for getting to work and b) results in a nice enough sized flurry of likes immediately after.

    With my work social media I favour 5pm Facebook posts – it seems to catch people as they leave work and check social media on their commute.

    What research did you do?

    J x


    1. Ah ok, that’s interesting. I read about peak times for each channel. I did find 5pm for Facebook and Instagram but it doesn’t seem to work that well for me. 8pm seems to be better but I think it depends partly your niche/audience X


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