My Birthday!


This is just a little update post because last weekend I celebrated my birthday! It was my first day off in ages so I had a super chilled family BBQ in the sun. Bliss.

I woke up at a ridiculous time as I am still a child when it comes to excitement surrounding special occasions.

We had birthday morning lay in cuddles. I love this floof lots!

Billy on borkday

I have got to the point where I feel my wardrobe and shoe collection is full and I’m totally satisfied with it. If anything, I’m trying to clear more stuff out so I asked for money and a couple of little bits for gifts.

My new collection of books and essential oils. I use essential oils to fragrance the house, anything I use on my hair and I even put them in the bath! So i wanted a new variation of scents to try out.

It seems I am the last one but I finally have a portable charger! Alongside matching pink earphones and USB cable. Hurrah for pretty tech items.

Tech pressies

My birthday BBQ outfit consisted of this pretty, floaty strapless dress from New Look (purchased ages ago, I’m not on trend SOZ) and these eye sandals from Irregular Choice.

eye sandals

I need to say a massive thank you to the weather as I woke to blue sunny skies which stuck around all day, making lazing about in the garden an incredibly fun task.


I didn’t take any photos of the actual BBQ as I was completely consumed by Day Off Mode. However, I did prepare a pitcher of Pimms and some of my homemade coleslaw. You can find the recipe here if you want to make some (it’s vegan, egg free, dairy free and very tasty).

And this little beauty is my cake! Vegan chocolate orange cake which has a homemade icing Miffy added to it, thanks to my boy! Best. Cake. Ever.


I love my birthday being in summer as it always puts me in a relaxed, holiday frame of mind. It was an awesome day and thank you all for the birthday wishes!

How did you celebrate your last birthday?
And how are you spending this glorious heatwave?!



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4 thoughts on “My Birthday!

  1. Aw, this post was such a pleasure to read! Looks like you had a great time. There’s a lot if things I loved about this post: the cake, you hair, your outfit, the Cole slaw, the blue sky! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ


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