Interiors: Nordic Minimal Bedroom


So it all started with the need for a new bed. My old bed and mattress were about 9 years old and starting to show their age. I sold the frame for £40 on Gumtree and chucked the mattress. I thought that if I had to buy a new bed, I could unleash my inner interior designer and go for a new theme!

My old theme was shabby chic and most of the decorative bits I had picked up mega cheap from car boot sales. The only thing I had to replace was my dressing table so I sold that on Gumtree as well. I had a MASSIVE declutter and gave lots of items away to friends, family and charity. I wanted my new room to be clean, fresh, sleek and minimal.

I had recently fallen in love with Scandinavian design so I decided on Nordic Minimal. As with everything, I aimed to do it on a budget!

bed and tiger

I obviously made a Pinterest board and did lots of online browsing. I love how this style relies on the bed being messy, super comfy and full of cushions and throws. I never have to make the bed again, HUZZAH!

stool and basket

I still have some shelves with decorative bits but they’re a lot less cluttered now. I made sure to only keep stuff that I absolutely love.
My pile of Vogue magazines make a very good stand for my mirror!


These dolls (minus the troll) are all one off hand made items that I bought locally from Brighton and Worthing. They go beautifully with the theme and add a touch of personality.

bed and desk


These prints I made myself on Illustrator and literally printed them on a standard printer! I stuck them up with washi tape to make frames and I’m really pleased with how they look. It was so easy and cheap!


I’m so pleased with the overall look. I did it all for under £500 including the bed, mattress and bed linen. I made £95 from selling stuff as well so it’s even more of a bargain!

flat lay


Bed £129 | Mattress £130 | Dressing Table £70 | Stool £15


Pendant Light Shade £14.99 eBay | Laundry Basket £6.50 eBay | Mirror £5.99 The Range
Prints FREE Homemade | Washi Tape £4.65 eBay | Black Shelf £5 IKEA


Rug £10 IKEA | Cushion Cover £3.98 eBay | Duvet £18.99 The Range
Duvet Cover £19.99 The Range | 3x Grey Cushions £2.50 each IKEA
Throw £5.50 IKEA | 2x Pillow Cases £3 Wilkinson | Sheet £7 Wilkinson

Which theme is your bedroom?
Do you like the Scandinavian interior style?



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3 thoughts on “Interiors: Nordic Minimal Bedroom

  1. I LOVE this look! Really impressed with the prints and washi tape – great idea and something I might take inspiration from when it comes to decorating my bedroom. 🙂

    I love the magazines and I especially love the light shade. Oh, and obviously getting to see your cool dog again haha. xx | Scottish Lifestyle Blog


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