Vegan Gourmet Burger


Thought you’d have to eat meat to experience the ultimate gourmet burger? No way!

I made an open mega meat feast gourmet burger that is totally vegan. Not only is it cruelty free but it’s so easy and quick to make!

I made a bed of lettuce and chopped red pepper and then layered the following on top:

1 grilled portabello mushroom
1 spicy bean burger
2 slices of Violife cheese
2 Cheatin’ Ham slices
2 slices of smoked tofu
Slices of red onion
Jalapenos for added spice!
Mayola mayonnaise
Hot pepper sauce

Add my home made sweet potato fries to make it into the ultimate burger meal!


Try adding hash browns, onion rings and vegan bacon for an even bigger tower of burger!

What’s your favourite type of burger?
Would you ever try a vegan option?



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