Blogging: 11 Top Tips to Increase Traffic


When I started blogging I kept asking myself:

“HOW do I get people to see my blog, let alone read it?!”

Over the last couple of months, I’ve invested a lot of time and now I feel ready to share my top tips to increase traffic! My stats are nowhere near as high as some really established bloggers, but it’s the improvement I’m focusing on!

It is a slow and steady race, so don’t get too hung up on stats, just put effort into promoting yourself, honing your skills, creating a brand and producing excellent content.

But here’s a starting point for you!

1  Get social.

Tweet regular updates, share your blog on all your channels and remember to adapt your visuals/graphics for each platform. Doing a bit of research into each channel and what works best for each one would be a big helping hand! You can also add social buttons to your blog or each individual post to encourage readers to share what they like.

2  Schedule tweets.

Not everyone will see your one single blog post link. Get them scheduled for 10 to 25 times a day to reach many more of your followers.

3  Join Twitter chats.

See my Work Tips post for my Twitter chat schedule. I have found these to be really useful in driving traffic, connecting with people, getting advice, as well as genuinely being a lot of fun!

4  Use Pinterest.

I see Pinterest as a forgotten gem but it can be a great tool for increasing blog hits. Remember that portrait images work best and it will help to include graphics. Also, give readers the option to “pin” images from your blog posts.

5  Use popular hash tags.

This one relates to Instagram and Twitter. I googled the most popular hash tags and tried to drop in the odd few where they were appropriate. Mix up the hash tags as well; if you tweet the same post a second time, use different hash tags to potentially reach a new wave of readers.

6  Tag blogger retweet accounts.

There are some (wonderful) twitter accounts that are there solely to promote bloggers. Tag them in your tweets and they will retweet you! I try not to use the same ones in every post but tag at least one with every blog link you tweet.

7  Less is more.

Make sure your content is good/original/share-worthy. Focus on quality rather than quantity. This one is hard to hone but as time goes on you’ll start to learn which type of content really grabs people!

8  Post more.

Contrary to the above, the more often you post, the more traffic it will gain. This relates to SEO; Google prioritises websites that keep updating with fresh content. In regards to the point above, concentrate first on creating GOOD content and THEN on posting more frequently. 

9  Host a Giveaway!

These are mega fun and good for engaging people, as well as bringing you an increase in content shares. Collect some items that are suited to your readership and host a little competition. “Like and Retweet to win” on Twitter work really well and are super simple. There’s also websites like Rafflecopter which host them for you. 

10  Engage with readers.

It’s important to engage with your readers and build relationships (for life and for blog traffic!). Reply to comments people leave on your blog, tweet people and share other blogger’s content that you enjoy. 

11  Collaborate.

Collaborating with other bloggers is super fun and it means your blog will reach a whole new readership. It also helps to connect and cement blogger friendships!

Do you have any tips to add?
Are there any here that you haven’t tried yet?



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32 thoughts on “Blogging: 11 Top Tips to Increase Traffic

  1. These are amazing tips, I was doing pretty well in terms of blogging but then I went away and didn’t have enough time and well, my stats definitely went down. I really need to work on scheduling tweets, which site are you using? And Twitter chats are really helpful too xx


  2. Some great tips here, as a new blogger (well a come-back blogger) I needed a post like this! Times have most certainly changed since I was blogging! There is so much more to work on, in terms of social media not that it’s a bad thing! I’ve seen a few people asking to do collaborations, I might give that a go!

    Em X


  3. I’m new to blogging so this was really helpful in establishing how to go about getting new readers! Definitely going to try scheduling tweets – do you have recommendations of how to do that?


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