Interiors: Time for a Kitchen Makeover

This great infographic provides so many ideas for tweaking your kitchen and making it look that little bit extra special.

I’m a big fan of up-cycling; I don’t think a whole room has to be replaced in order to look good. Have a browse through these tips and see which ones you could implement to ensure your kitchen looks its best!

Quick fix kitchen makeover (1).jpg

Have you ever up-cycled anything?
Where do you get your home inspiration?



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4 thoughts on “Interiors: Time for a Kitchen Makeover

  1. This post has made me kinda sick in a good way. My kitchen is tiny so I love looking at inspo like this for ideas but it also makes me wanna redecorate the whole thing. When I moved in a couple of years ago I was able to pick the kitchen I wanted but if I could go back now and change it I would! My taste has completely changed. Gonna have to do small bits at a time. I loooooove the tiles in #1 but they just wouldn’t go in mine. 😦 xx

    Christie |


    1. Oh nooo, you don’t like it anymore? My kitchen is super tiny as well but it’s a rented house so am limited with what I can do. I love the painted door edges though! May have to do that πŸ™‚ xx


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