11 Reasons To Go Vegan!


I never thought I’d be able to transition from vegetarian to vegan. Here I’ve outlined some of the reasons that gave me the nudge and also some points that I found out about after I took the plunge!


Your health: Although the meat and cheese substitutes aren’t necessarily good for you, they’re better than real meat and cheese. You’ll also be packing yourself full of fruits and veggies so should notice an uptake in the vitamins and minerals you consume. 

Animal cruelty: Whether it’s pigs being battered about a slaughter house or a dairy cow having her newborn baby taken away from her on the day of birth, there is no end to the hideous abuse that animals in the food industry entail. The upside is as a vegan you won’t be contributing to it. Watch “Earthlings” to give yourself an idea of the horrors.

The environment: 1 steak uses 50 baths of water to be produced (from cow to plate), that’s just not an efficient use of resources. Producing meat and dairy also uses more land that it would to feed the same amount of people on a vegan diet.

You’ll sleep better: You know when you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed because you slept solidly (no dreaming) and can’t even remember falling asleep? Yeah that, every night! 

You’ll have more energy: Always a plus, right? No more feeling groggy and tired in the afternoons. 

It can be cheaper: A big part of the vegan diet is grains and pulses (pasta, rice, oats, beans, lentils) and these things are super cheap! I make sure I always have cheap brown rice and tins of lentils in as they’re so useful. Also I now make sauces from scratch (tinned tomatoes/herbs and veggies) which works out way cheaper than your supermarket pre-made Dolmio!

You’ll discover new foods: My pet peeve is picky eaters (sorry!) and I have always loved all food! Going vegan made me try more, learn more, cook more and ENJOY more foods.

More people can be fed: A lot of the hunger problems around the world are because the poorer countries grow grains/soy/corn to sell to meat farmers (to feed the animals) to make money. If more people ATE the grains/soy/corn it would go further than it would when feeding it to animals… and then eating the animals. Basically, more people can be fed using less resources on a vegan diet.

You’ll be leaner: You will most probably lose weight when you go vegan. Just steer clear of my Vegan Junk Food post! I’m a low end healthy weight and I lost 2 pounds in the first month of veganism and I felt like I ate ALL the time. 

You won’t have to give up as many foods as you think: Again, see my Vegan Junk Food post! You’ll be surprised at how many foods are “accidentally” vegan. Over time you’ll learn which cafes/restaurants have options for you.

You can help to change the world: Maybe a little cliche, but totally true. The environment, peoples’ health are in crisis and veganism can help to lessen the problems. The meat and pharmaceutical industries are powerful and only money is at the root of the issues.

Could you do it?
Would you try it for a week or a month? Or even be vegan for one day a week?
Every little step makes a difference



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54 thoughts on “11 Reasons To Go Vegan!

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  3. I love this! I’m transitioning from vegetarianism at the moment but am fully plant-based in terms of diet. Weirdly I think the thing that persuaded me to transition most was not being able to bring myself to watch Earthlings. I know how horrendous the meat, dairy and egg industries are but I’m not ready to actually see it happening. If I can’t even watch it then how could I justify eating it?! Really great post!


    1. Thank you!💖 Yeah I agree, well done for making the change though! I haven’t watched Earthlings yet but I have heard it’s really hard to watch; will have to try it soon😳


  4. I’m actively removing meat from my diet and my aim is to get to veganism step by step. As Sarah said above, I can’t even bring myself to watching Earthlings so I know I need to think about what I’m consuming and the conditions I might be supporting. Blogs like yours have given me the push and support to change so thank you for that and being just generally awesome!


    1. Aw thank you, that means so much💖💖💖 Veganism does seem to be arguably objectively “correct” so I’m glad it’s inspiring people. Doing it gradual is key and it’s not an “all or nothing” thing so every little step is worthwhile 🙂 Well done for making changes! And thanks for your lovely comment xxx

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  5. I’ve been vegan for 5 months, on the 21st it’s gonna be 6 months. I literally sent vegan overnight! And I’m still alive! It’s really easy if you’re doing it for the right reasons 🙂 That’s what I tell my friends and also it’s much easier to eat healthier!
    I had vegan pizza last night and it was delicious haha.
    Another thing I always tell my family members and friends is that meat itself isn’t that good, it’s the spices that are added that make them good, so technically you don’t like the meat, you like the spices.
    Loved this blog post! Defibitely going to be following your blog to see your upcoming blog posts 🙂

    Mind checking mine out? I’d really appreciate it ♡

    Adanna | http://www.femaleinspo.blogspot.com


    1. I totally agree, meat doesn’t really add taste to dishes, it’s all about the herbs and spices! Well done for doing it overnight, that’s amazing! Thank you and yes will check out your blog 🙂 xx


  6. I would say I am roughly 50/50 Vegan. I am Vegetarian 100% but I am also Gluten Intolerant and that in itself to eat out and socialise is verging on impossible in Northern Ireland. I do however eat Vegan the majority of the time at home, I wish restaurants would cater more for intolerances and not just fob it off with a Salad on the menu, although it is slowly improving.


    1. Same! I wish legally they had to have at least 1 vegan and 1 veggie option. I imagine gluten free is really difficult, I’d struggle with that. You have to do what you can aye ☺️👍 xx


  7. I’ve been vegan just over a year now, and honestly I’ve never felt better. I used to get agonising mouth ulcers all the time, but that’s all changed. I love being healthy and compassionate 🙂 Great blog post!


      1. I was vegetarian already, and I just finished up the dairy products I had in my cupboard, but after that I just stopped buying it! So it wasn’t long before I was eating 100% vegan foods 🙂


  8. Love all of your reasons!! I must say, the picky eaters comment though, is ON POINT!!! I can’t stand it, but I guess it’s because I don’t understand it haha I like nearly everything, I actually can’t think of anything I don’t like! (meat/dairy/animals producst of course, but I did enjoy eating them until I learnt how awful it all was!) THanks for the great post!


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