We flew Gatwick to Amsterdam for a few days of exploring, chilling by the canal and hunting down vegan food.


The flight was 40-50 minutes (brilliant, thanks!) so it’s definitely worth a trip if you haven’t been before. The public transport was very efficient and easy to work out. We got a train from the airport to our hotel which took about 15 minutes and cost 4 Euros.

We stayed at the Motel One hotel, which is located out of the city centre however, I would totally recommend it! If you enjoy walking, you can make it to the centre in about 40 minutes but there is also the option for an 8 minute tram ride. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the rooms were flawlessly clean and designed beautifully.


It was the perfect budget design hotel, boasting classic European decor at a very affordable price. We paid £80 a night for the room and this included a buffet breakfast!



The MOTEL ONE Breakfast was awesome. There were pastries, croissants, cake, meats, cheeses, cereals, muesli, fruit, Nutella, crackers, tea, coffees and juices! As for vegan options, I had chocolate flavoured muesli with soya milk, tea, bread rolls and mixed fruit salad. All the fruit was fresh and included pineapple, melon, grapes and mango.

Our first full day and our initial stop was the Banksy/Warhol exhibition at the MOCA Museum. If you do stay a bit further out from the centre I would advise walking in at least once! We walked for the first day so we could take in all the scenery; it was a really pretty walk along the canal.



There was a lot of art in Amsterdam. We found the Public Art House while browsing in the 9 Streets. Their aim is to make art affordable for everyone and they displayed some really awesome work.


I loved this! Taxidermy from Spiegelkwartier and a bike on the wall in a shop in the 9 Streets. Spiegalkwartier is known for antiques and curiosities so check that out if you’re into that sort of thing.

I embarrassingly didn’t know that Holland was the home of Vincent Van Gogh and also of Miffy! There were Van Gogh souvenirs everywhere and of course, the museum.


It looks a bit grey here but we were very lucky weather-wise. After rain being predicted we had a cloudy day and a super sunny day! One evening we did get caught in the biggest storm I’ve ever seen though haha. I would suggest packing clothes for all weathers…


I love seeing architecture from different countries and the Dutch style was just as impressive as the others I’ve seen…




There were so many bikes and boats! We stayed for 3 nights but I wish we’d stayed longer. I would like to go on a boat trip and hire bikes for a day. I got to cycle a little bit though!

There were pastries, croissants, waffles everywhere! Not great for vegans but we did come across a juice/smoothie bar if you want to get your health fix as well as a few vegan/veggie restaurants. One of these was Food Crib!


Food Crib is located near the Amsterdam sign and they sold a totally vegan hemp burger. Definitely try it out if you’re looking for vegan options in the city.


Another place to check out if you’re vegan/veggie (or even if you’re a meat eater!) is Jacketz. It was the best jacket potato I’ve ever had; topped with raw green veggies and pesto. Vegan options are marked on the menu as well, to make it super easy to order.


Flowers, flowers, everywhere! If flowers are your thing make sure you visit around April time. We went late May and were too late for the tulips. Although you can still catch all the flower markets which were so pretty!



Strandzuid was near our hotel and consisted of an outdoor bar/restaurant which overlooked the canal. It even had a fake beach!

After a busy day exploring the city centre, we chilled in Vondel Park in the sunshine… Bliss.





As I enjoy seeing architecture, one attraction that was top of my list was Zevenlandenhuisen. This is a row of 7 houses built with the architecture of 7 different countries. It was hard to get decent photos of as there were cars and trees in the way. Sad face.

The countries were: England, The Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany.


All in all  it was a very fun and successful trip! I would definitely go back. I’d like to travel out of Amsterdam to see the windmills, snoop around the Handbag Museum and see the Red Light District at night. We did walk through in the evening but the lights were out.

Also, Schiphol Airport is the biggest in Europe so leave extra time if you want to shop!

Tulips at Schiphol Airport.

Happy Traveling guys!


Where are you traveling to next?
Have you been to Amsterdam?



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