Fashion: The Practical Outdoors!


Since I got a dog and moved to the suburbs I have become a bit less fancy and a bit more practical, fashion-wise. I still keep my signature style with whatever I wear but there are some definite “outdoorsy” items as well.

Today I’m sharing my favourite practical fashion items. These are the pieces that have totally saved me from obscure English weather or the dreaded Mud Alley that I have to walk through every time I go to town.

First up, this AWESOME rain coat. It’s actually from the Men’s section at H&M but gender has never bothered me when it comes to fashion. I love how bold, bright and happy it is! Not to mention, the rain just runs right off of it, which makes the £39.99 price tag totally worth it.


Next up, my fave old Puma (yes, PUMA) trainers. I got these second hand from eBay for about £7 as I didn’t want to spend loads on new ones. I’ve worn them so much for dog walking and there’s no sign of them wearing out just yet. They’re really comfy, waterproof and I love the split soles. Definitely check out second hand sites and apps if you don’t want to fork out for new practical stuff.
The ones I use most are eBay, Vinted and Asos Marketplace.

Ok, so we all had one of these as a kid… A rain mac in a bag!


I got this in the sale at Trespass and it has become so useful. As this country is so sporadic when it comes to weather, it’s good to have a lightweight jacket that’s waterproof. Also, if you go camping, hiking or just for a wander through town it rolls up into a little bag which makes it easy to carry around!

Finally… The sport sandal. I totally get that some of these are really ugly (in a good way, i think!) but they’re just so comfortable! I got some cheapy ones last year to wear to Brussels and they were a lifesaver. The perfect shoe for walking around in hot weather.

These were £24.99, are by Rocket Dog and I plan to wear them on every beach dog walk throughout the summer, haha!


Which practical fashion items do you swear by?
Or do you put image before comfort? (I definitely used to!)



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