Busted- The Pigsty Experience!

Busted- Matt

When I was a teenager, Busted were “my boyband”. Most people have that one band that is the first one they truly love and they were mine.

Every leg of my musical journey is mega important to me as music is now my job and so each song, band and genre that I listened to, influenced me and my preferences in some way.

For me, Busted bridged the gap between “I like this because it’s on the radio and it’s popular” (Spice Girls) to “I now have found my own unique musical preferences and they are slightly alternative/weird” (Tilly & The Wall). They made me want to play guitar and appreciate the art of writing a good pop song.

How better to celebrate not seeing them play for 12 years than to not only go to their reunion gig but to spend it ON STAGE?!

Date: 25/5/16
Venue: Bournemouth International Centre
Dress Code: Piglet
Price: £90

So, me and my lovely friend Robyn took the plunge and bought Pigsty Experience tickets for £90 without really knowing the full details but hey, what’s like without a bit of risk eh.

That price included:
Pigsty hoodie | Pig mask | Pig torch | Confetti | Pig Bag | Pigsty Instructions
And obviously the onstage experience!

When we first arrived, we were taken to the little backstage entrance and led up in the Pigsty. Imagine a 2 tiered standing area at the back of the stage. We were on the top level which I think gave us a better view. I could see over the whole stage and audience; it was amazing to see it from their point of view!
At first, while the support acts played I was slightly worried about how much we’d see as there was a curtain and screens all over the place, but these were all moved for when Busted came on.

Obviously I didn’t get to see the show from the audience point of view but I can imagine that 2 levels of people dressed like this was a pretty surreal start to a show!

The setlist was incredible: A mix of classics, album tracks and new tunes. I’m excited to hear the new album as it’s very different, yet still “Busted”. Literally like a grown up version of their old stuff!


I still knew ALL the old songs word for word and found myself singing the harmonies as I knew them so well, haha!


We got some good interaction with the band, even being on the top level.

Busted Piano

Nothing beats this view! It was amazing to look out at the whole crowd.


Busted- Charlie

I would definitely recommend the Pigsty (if there is still time, haha!) It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so glad I took it!

Would you try out the Pigsty?
What’s the best gig you’ve been to?



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4 thoughts on “Busted- The Pigsty Experience!

  1. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WERE IN THE PIGSTY. I wanted to but because I was paying for me and 2 friends, it didn’t seem like a good idea, especially with no job. It sounds like such an incredible experience, and I’m so jealous!! I was at the Glasgow Night 2 show, and the pigsty did look breathtaking, though I felt that it seemed only Matt really paid attention to the Piggies. Thank you for sharing this, so that I got to have a glimpse at what it was like, haha!

    (Still jealous.)

    Gail http://www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk


    1. Haha aw no that’s rubbish you couldn’t get in there. It was so good, I’m really glad I went for it ☺️ I found they all came over to the Pigsty, maybe Charlie not so much haha xx


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