Fashion: Outfit of the Day


It’s time for an OOTD post, yay!

I got these gorgeous new trousers from H&M so I just had to share!
They’re light, comfy and perfect for a lovely summer evening.

The great thing about this particular outfit is it’s all super loose fitting and comfy but still looks awesome. (Or it does it my opinion, haha.)


I am so in love with orange right now, as well as this Seventies vibe that’s floating around, so these were an all round winner!

These shoes are a from a few seasons back at Irregular Choice (Felix The Fearless) but I love how cute and quirky they are. Being black and white means I can pair them with many things as well, which is always a bonus.


Trousers £12.99 (H&M) | T Shirt (Boy London) | Shoes (Irregular Choice)

Which prints and brands are you loving at the moment?



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5 thoughts on “Fashion: Outfit of the Day

  1. omg i love your tattoos and shoes 😀 such a cool look!!
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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