Packing for Amsterdam!

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I jet off to Amsterdam very soon! Yay!

I always pack very light. (All my stuff for a weekend city break fits in a large handbag!) so i thought I’d do a post on what I’m packing and include my holiday checklist.

First of all, as mentioned in my Top Travel Tips post, I pack mix and match outfits! I’m sticking to navy and coral for this trip so have included the following items:

Coral crop top (New Look) | Navy anchor vest top (H&M) | Coral maxi skirt (eBay)
Vintage dungarees (eBay) | Navy sport sandals (Rocket Dog)

I’ll also take this AMAZING new raincoat that I got from H&M mens. It’s navy with giant polka dots and will be perfect if I get caught in a rain shower!

For travelling I usually wear something really comfy; leggings and a raglan top most probably.

Liquids! I have learnt the hard way about what I can take, liquidwise. I try to keep them minimal. I’ve packed: deodorant, concealer, bb cream, toothpaste, suncream, a tiny perfume and coconut oil. I got some handy little travel bottles from Ikea (4 for £1) which are the right size to fill with any liquids you might need.


Onto… Make up. I’m not a big make up person anyway; I have my items that I use daily and that’s about it! I got this beautiful cosmetic bag from Ted Baker a while ago and it’s perfect for fitting ALL my make up, toiletries and liquids in.
I’m taking: concealer, bb cream, mascara, brow pencil, liquid eyeliner and a couple of lipsticks.


I wanted to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything so I compiled a Holiday Checklist!

Toothbrush | Toothpaste | Deodorant | Perfume | Hand Gel | Sun Cream
Coconut Oil | Make Up

Passport | Health Care Card | Photos of all Documents | Copies of Flight/Hotel Bookings
Plug Adaptor | Phone Charger | Phone | Euros!

Mix and Match Outfits | Comfy travelling outfit | Practical shoes!
Underwear | Sunglasses | Small handbag

And we’re off!
If you feel I’ve forgotten something mega important, please holla! Haha!

What essentials do you make sure to pack?
When are you next going away?



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