Challenge: 7 Days of Nature


Thank you Gwennan at 20 Something Meltdown for my 7 Days of Nature Challenge! I have decided to bend the rules for this, because who doesn’t love a rule breaker!

I think you’re meant to take one nature photo a day for 7 days but I have hand picked some photos I love from the last few months and there’s a couple of newbies in there as well, for good measure.

ONE. An Autumn Tree. There’s nothing quite like leaves of orange shades falling to the ground, picking your pumpkin and the sudden cold breeze that confirms summer has now moved on.5FC2229F-3A78-42E0-A265-7C6E87DA6178

TWO. A yurt in the woods. I stayed in a yurt last Halloween and it was MAGICAL. We had no wifi, no phone signal and the yurt opened up onto a vast open field. HELLO NATURE.


THREE. Symmetrical line of trees. This was taken in Brussels last summer. It had some beautiful scenery, especially considering that it was the middle of the capital city. It’s nice to see some greenery amongst the busy buzz of city people.


FOUR. MY beach. I say mine, it’s where I live. I LOVE my beach so much. It’s never busy, even on sunny days and it’s a perfect reminder of why nature is so wonderful. It brings calm, peace and little pools of sea to run through!


FIVE. Algae. My favourite things about nature is that it always finds a way. The weeds from behind my garden always find their way in. This algae has decided to make a home on this wooden stump. Also, my dog manages to get in every photo!


SIX. Rare albino bluebells. These “weeds” decided to grow in front of my compost bin (how very convenient, thank you). After a quick google I found that they’re actually quite rare and are a form of white albino bluebell! Stay in my garden, you shall.


SEVEN. Yoga on the beach. Every morning I walk the dog to the beach and this day was so warm and sunny that I decided to stay there for some yoga. Nothing relaxes me quite like the calming sound of the waves and the warm sun. (As you can see, Tiger dog never leaves my side).


Now it’s nomination time! I nominate for following bloggers:

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Erin at ErinCharlotte

Hannah at Little Thoughts

Alice at Dainty Alice

Polly at The Forest Mermaid

Hope you have fun with this, it was one of my faves!



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