My Bullet Journal


Ok, so I kept hearing about Bullet Journaling and figured if it involves lists and notebooks then I’m pretty much guaranteed to love it.

I did my research and realised that this was definitely something I could benefit from and that it would allow me to organise everything, all in one place.

As I understand it, a Bullet Journal is like an evolved To Do list where you can log/note down all your tasks, reminders, events etc.

To make it a bit clearer, I’m going to talk through mine. I should mention that I don’t really follow things exactly but take influence and ideas so this is just my personal take on a Bullet Journal and how I made it work for me.

Firstly, I went and bought a super pretty notebook from my local stationery shop.


Page 1 shows my key. So all tasks are bullet pointed and they are marked as the key shows, depending on their status.

Next comes the Index. I would recommend having an index so you can always revert back, allowing easy access to certain pages. Also, remember to number your pages as you go!

The first pages in mine are Style Pages. I totally made this up but found it clarified my branding and condensed my ideas for each area of my life. I made a personal one, a blog one and a business one. To do this I simply wrote words that make up the style/ethos for each brand so I end up with a messy yet organised page of visual cues.

This photo shows my Blog Style Page. The more important factors I made bigger so I can never forget what my priorities are! I thought this would help me stay on track with my blog and remember why I started it, as well as my future visions.


Next up is My Morning Routine. I did a more detailed post about this which you can read here.

Basically, I read somewhere that it takes 30 days to break a habit or form a new habit. With this in my mind, I made a checklist for each aspect of my morning routine and aim to do each thing everyday for at least 30 days.


Next up I put my long term goals. These include 1, 3 and 5 year goals for my blog, my business and for me personally.

In the personal ones I included things like financial goals, health and any other random achievements I wish to gain.

I did get a bit stuck on the 5 year ones as I struggle to plan ahead at all, haha! But I noted down a couple of things and left spaces for any ideas that might pop up later.

Next up are my Social Stats! So again, these are for my blog and my business and it’s just a little chart which means I can track progress and make sure nothing is falling behind. This is an easy way to find out if one area needs more attention and also where my successes lie within the world of social media!


Following on it gets a bit more regular now. So at the beginning of every month I have a monthly log which is all 30 days on one page with a little space to jot down any events on those days. It’s a quick view of the month as a whole.

After this, I have my weekly to do lists. These are split into personal, blog and business categories and any tasks go into their respective sections, using the key to mark them off when I’ve done them.

I also have the odd page for general notes/doodles. On these I write my fave quotes that I come across or things that aren’t tasks but still need to be remembered!

That’s about it! Im enjoying it so far though and it’s definitely keeping me more on it.

What do you do to stay organised?
Would you ever start a Bullet Journal?



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16 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal

  1. Despite having heard a lot of people talking about bullet journalling, I didn’t look into it until yesterday. Today I bought a new notebook, ready to start! I’m really hoping that a bullet journal will help me get some motivation back into my life. I’ve been quite poorly this past month & I’ve lost focus. I’m excited to get started, which has to be a good sign! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


  2. Creating a bullet journal is one of my Day Zero goals. I’ve not got to it yet but I’ve seen some fabulous notebooks in Home Bargains of all places, that I want to buy to start.


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