My Bucket List


I’ve compiled quite the Bucket List. I’ve split it into sections just because, well, why not? There were too many things to keep track of!

The ones in red are things I’ve done already and the blue are ones that are booked. Chuck more ideas at me in the comments; I want to do/see/eat everything!!

11 countries I want to explore…

  1. Iceland
  2. Croatia
  3. Turkey
  4. Maldives
  5. Japan
  6. America
  7. Brazil
  8. Mexico
  9. Greece
  10. New Zealand
  11. Morocco

11 Cities I want to visit…

  1. Berlin: My fave so far, I went last year and LOVED it 💋
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Amsterdam: I went this year, whoop!
  4. Paris: As a teen, I saw the Eiffel Tower but would love to go back! 👌🏽
  5. Brussels: I went last summer!
  6. Copenhagen
  7. Milan
  8. Oslo: I went with friends to see Maria Mena live when I was 18. Beautiful. 🎤
  9. Stockholm
  10. Edinburgh
  11. Budapest


11 activities I want to do:

  1. Go in a helicopter: Went up in the sky a couple of years ago, thanks Groupon! 🚁
  2. Jet ski
  3. Ride a quad bike: My step dad does motorbike racing so I got to do this at age 11! 🚵🏻
  4. Segway
  5. Drive a golf buggy
  6. Go surfing
  7. Visit the Natural History Museum
  8. Do a tough mudder
  9. Take up ballet
  10. Paragliding
  11. Pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch

11 random things I want to do: 

  1. Get a First Class BA (Hons) degree: I graduated 3 years ago! 🎓
  2. Have Christmas in a cabin in the forest: Booked for this Xmas, ER MER GERD
  3. Stay in a cabana in the Maldives
  4. Buy a house
  5. Stay in an igloo
  6. Stay in a yurt: I did this last Halloween, best thing ever! 🎪
  7. Pose topless! I was in Front mag while at uni 💁🏼
  8. Get tattooed: I have so many and want more 🙊
  9. See my fave bands and comedians live: They are Tilly & The Wall, The Rocket Summer, The Matches, Amanda Palmer, Russell Brand, Noel Fielding 💝
  10. Live abroad for a bit
  11. Go to the Brit Awards

11 things to learn…

  1. Another language (fluently)
  2. Complete my MBA
  3. Somersault on a trampoline: I was a child gymnast/trampolinist 💃🏻
  4. How to do the splits (again)
  5. How to speak publicly
  6. Play 5 instruments: I’velearnt various instruments since I was 4 🎸
  7. How to grow food (I’ve started with some herbs haha)
  8. How to drive: I passed my test at 19 and haven’t driven since! 🚗
  9. How to instantly tell what decade/period a piece of furniture is from
  10. How to do general DIY tasks
  11. How to avoid panic attacks while flying!

11 Animal related things…

  1. Ride a horse: I did a trek in Wales, I hurt SO much the next day 🐎
  2. Ride a camel: I did this in Morocco and it was awesome! 🐫
  3. Ride an elephant (I’ve heard recently that this is cruel so probably just meet an elephant)
  4. Cuddle a koala
  5. Rescue a dog: I rescued a tiny Papillon who has no teeth. Read his story. 🐻
  6. Own a flat faced cat: I rescued a Persian named Wendy last year 🙈
  7. Go on a safari
  8. Buy a puppy: I got a puppy 2.5 years ago and Tiger Lily has been my buddy since! 🐶
  9. Swim with dolphins
  10. Hold an owl
  11. Stroke a sting ray: I did this as a child at the aquarium. I called him Ray 🐟



Phew. There’s probably so much more to add… EEP, better get started!

What’s on your Bucket List?
Are there important things you think I’ve missed?



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