My Top 11 Tips to get Healthier!


It took me a long time to find a fitness regime that worked for me, that I could stick to and that was fun! I also transitioned from a pescatarian to vegan (over the course of 4 years!) so I feel now that I am at a pretty healthy place.

I have previously felt intimidated by big work out routines, the thought of joining a gym and struggled to find the time to fit it all in! I have also tried every “healthy diet” under the sun. Not a diet to lose weight as such, but thoughts like “if I cut out this I’ll be healthier” etc have flown around my brain.
A plant based diet works for me; I have more energy, better skin and feel better overall in myself. I still have treats and junk food; I don’t restrict anything, other than non plant food obvs!
If I have a couple of days of bad food, I just bring it back with a couple of super healthy days. There’s no guilt, no weight gain and I’ve learnt to love (and be good at) cooking! (There was a time when I made frozen yet burnt toast, bleurgh!)

Anyway, I have compiled 11 easy ways to kick start your health and get you on the road to where you want to be. Celebrate the small successes and build it up gradually, without putting too much pressure on yourself.

1  Get up earlier.

We all say it… I never did it until I got a puppy and I had no choice! But even 10 minutes earlier is a start or set one or two days a week where you get out of bed earlier than usual. You’ll feel more awake if you don’t have to rush and you make the most of the day!

2  Drink more water.

I have a giant bottle which I keep filled and sip throughout the day. I feel really grouchy and tired if I don’t drink much! If you don’t like water, try adding lemon slices and cucumber. It adds a subtle taste plus you get all the added nutrients!

3  Meditate.

It took me ages to even get the hang of what it was. But basically, give yourself some time (even 2 minutes) a day to just “be”. Breathe slowly, try not to think about anything and relax. I’ve found this really helpful, especially for stressy/anxious days.

4  Eat Breakfast.

Or even better, have a breakfast smoothie! See my recipe in (this post). Packing your body full of nutrients at the beginning of the day gives you a good kick start.

5  Set aside a little bit of time each week to do something totally for you.

Whether it’s a hobby, a walk, a bit of shopping or reading. Me-time is important.

6  Listen to your body.

If you need to rest/eat/sleep do so at the soonest convenient time. In order to be healthy/productive/happy, you’ll need to be fuelled and repaired!

7  Stock up on fruits and veggies.

One step at a time, introduce one or two more fruits and veggies a day or when you can. You body will thank you for the added nutrients.

8  Declutter your house/office.

I find this so therapeutic. A decluttered environment results in a decluttered mind!

9  Get outside!

I’ve previously worked in offices and it hurts me to not be outside! I need daylight and trees and nature to feel awake and inspired. It’s amazing how calm a walk can make you feel. Obviously this works better out of the city centre.

10  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Let go of anything out of your control. Things will happen that will be annoying, frustrating and will make you wanna scream but try to take some deep breaths and let it go. Otherwise you’re just wasting energy.

11  Compliment others.

It’s amazing how great this feels AND you can make someone else’s day by giving them even a tiny compliment. If you love something, shout about it!

Give it a go and see how the little things make big changes to your attitude, happiness and life!


Which health tips would you add to the list?



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24 thoughts on “My Top 11 Tips to get Healthier!

  1. Good post and great tips! I already do 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10. I also like to think I have a kind and positive personality and do 11 as well.

    I’ve made a real effort with 7 in the past year but if I’m honest the past couple of weeks have seen me break that rule a few times as a result of working long hours and not sticking to my routine. 6 is also something I could do better with as i’m prone to pushing myself through the pain barrier etc, rather than resting when I need to.

    3 is something that I have been interested in but never really tried and if I’m honest I wouldn’t have the first clue where to begin! Once I get through this week in work and my schedule returns to normal it might be something that I give a go!


  2. Aw thanks! I’m similar to be honest. I make sure I get enough sleep at night but in the day I zoom zoom zoom and probably don’t rest enough. Yeah meditation is my biggest challenge, I’m still learning. I’m not big on spiritual stuff but I just take it as being calm, relaxed and breathing without too much thinking! I definitely get why it’s so beneficial but I think it’s harder than it sounds 🤔 X


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  4. such a good post, feel like we need to take more time to focus on our bodies – we only get one!

    stocking up on veggies and fruit and having that smoothie are top of my list for this week now ! 💕


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