Come at me, IKEA!



I hadn’t been to IKEA for a few years and in the recent months I’ve honed my interior designing skills (I’m no pro but I like my house to look pretty), so I figured I’d share my trip with you all.

I absolutely love their displays. These ones in particular made me want a city apartment in Europe!
If you have a small living space I would recommend taking a look as they have so many useful storage ideas and examples of how to make the most of a space.

I think these black and white themes with an accent colour work really well. Ahhh it makes me want to redecorate my whole house, haha!

His and Hers pillows- Although I only saw the His one…

IKEA do black and white so well! They had some amazing lights like the one pictured. They would really added sparkle to a room.


As for food, IT IS SO CHEAP. This breakfast is totally vegan and was £2.75. There are also various vegan options if you’re too late for breakfast. If you have a “family card” you get free tea on weekdays, which is worth remembering for all you freebie lovers.


This shabby chic style kitchen was so pretty! I love the modern twist it has while still maintaining the floral and white elements.

Finally, some of my haul…


4x travel bottles £1  |  Apple candle 85p  |  Fruit Tray £3  |  Chopping Board £4
3 Notebooks £4  |  Water Bottle £2  | Giant Paper Clips 75p

If you’re moving out, moving or just in need of a home revamp I would definitely recommend an IKEA trip.

Is there anything you want to change regarding your home decor?



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15 thoughts on “Come at me, IKEA!

  1. I love that tea tray! We got loads from Ikea when we bought our new home. I love the kitchen stuff. We also got our sofas there which were such good value.


  2. I really enjoy shopping at IKEA. Shame that I have to travel to London every time which is more than an hour’s drive. Also, I love eating at their restaurant.
    It was lovely reading your post. Happy shopping! 🙂

    Fatima |


  3. I am seriously in love with IKEA!! My boyfriend and I are hopefully buying our first house this summer, so I’ve been spending hours every day looking through the catalogue and putting together my dream home. Can’t wait to actually be able to go and buy things!
    Lovely post & fab pics 🙂
    Rebecca xx


  4. OMG!! Another IKEA post!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!! I’ve recently been for the first and loved it! I really wanna go back!!!!! Their homeware is literally life and want my future house to be kitted out with everything Sweedish……*heart eyes emoji*
    Love your haul too babe esp that fruit tray……I’m keeping an eye out for it on my next trip! hehe!
    I wrote about my own IKEA trip if you fancy having a read over at my blog! =)
    Sarah xoxo


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