My Happy Place


We recently had a juggle around with our little house so now I have my very own office space! It’s worked really well; the house looks beautiful and I am so much more productive.

I went for a Scandinavian retro/1970s theme with my own personal style and touches added.
I love interiors and wanted it to look right so I rummaged through some of our old stuff, bought a few bits off Etsy/eBay and took a trip to IKEA. (After doing a scale drawing and a moodboard obvs).

The fairy lights I had from a while ago and they fit around the whole room perfectly! The jars are cleaned/empty food jars; I tied some string around the top to make a hanger and stuffed them full of fake flowers. Super easy!
I got the kite at the merch desk of a Noel Fielding gig 👌

Light Shade £16 eBay | Kettle £20 eBay | Tray £3 IKEA | Coasters £12 Etsy

I got the retro orange light shade and tiny kettle from my eBay sessions. The cups I already had, so I got the kettle to match. As a little side table I use an old apple crate which adds some nice rustic vibes!

I wanted a certain degree of “mismatchedness” as that’s my style, as well as elements that show off my personality. These shoes are my “art shoes”. By that I mean ones that are so mental they’re more like art than shoes and I wouldn’t dream of wearing them and getting them dirty, haha! My pink ukulele is called Regina George, I got her for my birthday a couple of years ago.
Living on the window sill, we have the Totoro characters which are just for fun!

FullSizeRender copy

My office buddy is pleased with this arrangement too, as it means she can snooze while I work.


Sofa £79 IKEA | Orange Cushions £1.50 IKEA | Side Table £22 eBay
Throws £1.75 IKEA | Retro Cushion Covers £7 eBay | Rug £30 eBay

I love my sofa set up. It’s really snuggly with all the throws and cushions. I also love all the clashing prints!


This is my inspiration wall. I made some of the prints myself, got some from Etsy and the “Stay Focused and Extra Sparkly” one is from Coconut Lane
(get 20% off with the code effi20)

FullSizeRender copy 2

I cleansed my stationery collection so ended up with this little lot. The little Momiji is my business mascot!

Cat Cushion £3 IKEA | Apple Candle 85p IKEA | Yellow Candle £1 Wilkinson | Plant £2 IKEA

The big retro chair we had already; it was purchased from a giant flea market/antiques place. I dressed it up a bit with a Scandinavian style cat cushion!

No room is complete without a scented candle and an office plant is always fun.

How are you most productive?
Are you happy with your work space?



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