My Top 11 Vegan Junk Foods


I try and eat a predominantly healthy diet but I also indulge in the odd treat, because life’s too short, right?

It’s sometimes hard to get the balance between a healthy lifestyle without too many restrictions.

One of the top tips I heard before going vegan is “don’t be too restrictive”. If you try and cut out animal products AND processed food etc, it’s much harder to stick at it. Have some junk food, have some meat substitutes and then if at some point you want to experiment with a raw diet or a whole food diet then go for it.

So if you’re thinking about going vegan or even cutting down on animal products, it may be helpful to know that there are many foods that are accidentally vegan. They’re also mega yummy!
Sometimes it helps to know that you won’t have to give up as much as you think and you can still have your vices (but it will be the animal free ones).

So here’s my Top 10 Accidentally Vegan Junk Foods:

  1. FRAZZLES. Yep, bacon flavoured crisps with no trace of bacon whatsoever. I get Co Op’s own version which is even marked as vegan.
  2. STARBURST. The yummiest, chewiest sweet ever and yep, all free from animals.
  3. OREOS. There are lots of flavours and not ALL are vegan but the golden and original ones are for sure.
  4. JAMMY DODGERS. Who’d have thought it?
  5. SKITTLES. Another classic and most of these so far can be found in your local shop as well. No need for shopping on an obscure website or trekking to a far-away vegan-friendly city.
  6. SPIRALS. These are a less well known but every Tesco, Asda, Co-Op etc should have their own versions (big bag for £1, bargain!).
  7. PARTY RINGS. Going a bit retro here, but embrace your inner child because your fave party snack is vegan!
  8. DARK CHOCOLATE. Check the ingredients; some of the cheapy versions might have milk in but MOST dark chocolate is a go-go!
  9. RITZ CRACKERS. Thought I should chuck in a savoury one. These are so good but I do end up eating the whole box, oops!
  10. TREK BARS. Apart from containing sugar these aren’t too bad and have 10g of protein per bar. These really fill me up and are a perfect snack for when you’re on the go.
  11. TORTILLA CHIPS. Again, check the ingredients but most Tortilla chips are all good to go! I buy Tesco’s own for £1 and they consist of 3 animal-free ingredients!

My main focus for this blog is Self Love and I know to some people that might be steering clear of junk  food (which is fine) but for me, it’s about moderation.

I aim for a whole food diet but I do have the odd bit of processed/junk food as a treat. It’s about doing what’s right for you and making changes as needed.
I like the idea of living simpler but I also don’t want to ignore how far the world has come; it’s about getting a balance that means you can reach your full potential, maintain positivity and achieve a new level of happiness.

What is your ultimate happy food?



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