Fashion: The Classics

Every wardrobe should have some “classics”. To me, these are your safety items which you can chuck on if you’re in a rush and they never fail to look good.

Today I’m going to share mine. Some of these are new and some I’ve had for 5+ years!

Both of these jumpers are from American Apparel. The purple one I got about 6 years ago, I’ve worn it loads and it still looks like new! It’s quite thin and baggy, so perfect for chilly summer days or can be layered up in the winter.
The black cropped is new but second hand (an eBay wonder). It looks awesome with high waisted anything; jeans, leggings, shorts, you name it! I like how it’s mega plain but the cropped design really adds to the outfit.

These both hail from New Look and were beautifully cheap. I think the jeggings were £12.99 and the t shirt £4.99.
I love how the t shirt fits, it’s effortless; one of those where you want to look nice but like you haven’t made an effort!
The jeggings make a much needed change from leggings. They have more character but still go well with so many items. They’re high waisted so I wear them with crop tops, oversized t shirts; anything seems to work with them!

Finally, this jacket I got from a charity shop for £6.99!

grey coat

It’s puffy and oversized and I love it! I feel like I can wear anything as long as I have this, a bit of lipstick and a chunky fringe!

Which wardrobe basics do you rely on?



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