MONOCHROME featuring Boutique of Molly


There’s nothing I like more than discovering new up and coming brands.
Boutique of Molly is chic and simplistic, with styles that never fail to grab your attention. Adding in the totally affordable prices and it’s no wonder I was dying to feature it in my blog!

Today I’m showing off the Cecilia Bandage Crop Top which I teamed with high waisted black leggings and some black & white studded slip on brogues.

This monochrome outfit is brought to life by the minimal back detailing on the top which adds a whole load of sass. So simple, yet so effective.

When it comes to fashion (even clothes I wear when going “out out”), I am a sucker for comfort; another area in which this top delivers. It fits well but not too tight, with the back straps falling into the contours of the body.


I’m also a fan of diverse clothing and this outfit could be dressed right up with a cute little blazer!
If white’s not your thing though, it can also be purchased in black. I went for the white as it’s more summery and makes me look a bit more tanned, haha!

Shop this and more at Boutique of Molly and find them on Twitter at @boutiqueofmolly

What would you team the Cecilia top with?



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11 thoughts on “MONOCHROME featuring Boutique of Molly

  1. Totally cool top. Very simple yet chic at the same time. I would wear it (if I was thinner) but maybe with a skirt instead of leggings. Wishful thinking – hoping that if I dress for spring it will happen. I love white – just not when I’m eating. I’m a teacher… so I’m messy. Ha!

    Ps. Totally love your tattoos as well. Looks very nice with this simple fit. Black and white with a pop of color from ink. Very cool.

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    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I do love how simple it is. Haha I totally spill all the time so maybe white wasn’t such a good idea! Thanks mucho, I like how I can dress more simply now and the tattoos add colour and patterns!! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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