The Liebster Award


Oooh I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! Thanks mucho Annabel and Lucy !

So as far as I am aware, the rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you (see above)
2. Display the award on your blog
3. Answer 11 questions provided from the blogger who nominated you
4. Post 11 random facts about you
5. Write 11 questions for your nominees
6. Nominate other bloggers who have less than 1,000 followers

Right, so the questions I was given are:

1. What made you want to blog?

I wanted to start a blog so I have a project that is just mine and that I have total control over. I also have found my happy healthy place so I wanted to inspire others to reach theirs too!

2. Do you have a blogger you aspire to be like? If so, who?

Not really one in particular. I come across loads of bloggers/photos etc that I love and take inspiration from. But I try to stay focused on what I’m doing so as to ensure that my blog is unique and individual to me.

3. Do you follow the blogging chats and attend any events? If so, which ones do you like?

I haven’t attended any events yet but I LOVE the blogging chats! My faves are #lbloggers and #crazybloggers I think as there’s a variety of people who take part and it’s so awesome to see the different styles and techniques people display on their blog.

4. What’s your favourite celebrity couple?

Tom Mcfly and Giovanna! Literally the cutest little family I’ve ever seen and I can’t get enough of their adorable videos.

5. What do you like to blog about?

I like blogging my mega easy vegan recipes and my travels abroad best, as well as fashion posts and anything I’ve got to say about health and wellbeing that will inspire people to make changes in their lives for the better.

6. What is your favourite type of cake?

CHOCOLATE. Chocolate is always the best flavour of anything haha!

7. Do you have a favourite makeup brand?

I transitioned to vegan a couple of months ago and I’m not quite there with the cosmetics yet. I’m waiting until mine all run out and then going for Barry M as they’re cruelty free.

8. What has been your biggest accomplishment in blogging so far?

It’s only been 2 months haha! But I’m an ambassador for a brand so probably that. And I’ve managed to keep my views/readers/followers steadily increasing which I’m pleased about.

9. Do you have a favourite social media account you use to promote your blog on? If so, why is it your favourite?

Twitter! It’s definitely way more affective than any others I use partly due to the Blogger Chats as they’re great for getting advice and driving traffic. I use Buffer as well, to schedule tweets/links.

10. If you could take 3 things with you to a desert island, what would you take and why?

My dog so I have a sidekick, some snacks to avoid getting hangry and… an awesome bikini?

11. What’s your favourite type of shoe to wear?

Probably trainers waaaaah, I walk a lot so it’s mostly about practical footwear for me!

11 Random Facts About Me!

1. I run a Music Tuition Business
2. I have 2 tiny dogs and a super floofy cat
3. When I was 6 I was in a Gymnastics squad
4. For the first time since I was 15, my hair is its natural colour
5. I have a First Class BA (Hons) degree
6. I LOVE dinosaurs
7. I moved out when I was 17 and have paid my own rent and bills since then. BOOM.
8. My favourite fashion brand is American Apparel because they have classic items that last forever!
9. I’m not very good at watching films and pretty much the only ones I watch are Harry Potter, haha!
10. One of my aims is to live abroad for a while at some point in my life
11. I have been blogging for nearly 2 months and I LOVE IT!


Ok, now it’s time for MY questions to my nominated bloggers! Here goes:

  1. What inspires you to blog?
  2. Which fashion/cosmetic brand do you swear by?
  3. What do you find hardest about blogging?
  4. Would you rather be chased by one dinosaur sized hamster or lots of hamster sized dinosaurs?
  5. How would you describe your style?
  6. What do you do for a living?
  7. What is your dream job?
  8. If you could change 3 things about your life, what would they be?
  9. If you had to move to another country, which one would you choose and why?
  10. Which blog post are you most proud of?
  11. What are your future goals for your blog?


I nominate: KateyBecky and Maddie Go, go go! 🙂





7 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Omg girl I adore Tom and Gi as well! They’re literally the cutest family ever! Thanks so much for your nomination, your questions are super interesting and I’m really looking forward to answering them! 🙂 xx


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