Vegan: Eating Out

For any new vegans, the hardest thing you might find is eating out and working out what you can and can’t have.

Many chain restaurants cater to vegans; the trick is to google what they offer before you go. If not, most places should be able to tell you what you are able to eat from their menu.

Some people I know have gone vegan APART from eating out, which leaves them more options and less worries! There are usually some vegetarian options so if there’s nothing vegan go for the veggie.

My fave chain restaurant to eat at is the Toby Carvery. They have 3 vegan main options and a chocolate cherry torte for dessert, which is so yummy!
From the main carvery, the veg is usually fine (but you can always double check with the chef), roast potatoes, stuffing and vegetarian gravy is all a go-go.


I went for the lentil and parsnip cottage pie (so SO good) and piled my plate high with veggies, potatoes and stuffing. Not forgetting a Bulmers Pear cider which is also free from animal products!

The other options are a Butternut Squash Crumble and a Spiced Carrot and Chickpea Wellington. Make sure to steer clear of the mash potato, cauliflower cheese and Yorkshire pudding.

I also thought I’d include a local eatery. I live about 10 minutes from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Parlour and they offer vegan butter and soya milk which is a must for any decent brekkie!

I chose the Unlimited Unbirthday Tea- double lots of mushrooms, toast, hash browns and baked beans with unlimited tea (and soya milk).

A perfect start to the day!


Do you find it hard to eat out as a vegan?
What restaurants would you recommend?




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6 thoughts on “Vegan: Eating Out

    1. Thank you 🙂 I was pescatarian for 10 years then veggie for a couple before going vegan. It was definitely a gradual thing and I LOVED cheese so it was hard at times. The easiest switch I made was milk. There are so many options that are way better for you than cow’s milk 🙂 Take it a step at a time. You could always have veggie options when you’re out xx


    2. It just takes a bit of research before you go out. if you’re goingoing to a certain area you can use to find vegan friendly options and look at menus for chain restaurants online, so many more have an allergies menu which has a vegan page on it – even wetherspoons!


  1. Zizzi with its dairy free cheese is now a great choice on the high street. I also love Turkish and Greek food which usually have a few vegan options. if you’re going somewhere independent ring up a few days in advance and they’ll usually put something special together for you!


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