Work it out

I’ve recently veered my work out routine to a mix of yoga, gymnastics and weights. I’ve gone from a casual “work out when I feel like it” to an “I want to get better and healthier” so now I work out at least every other day and am aiming to improve my flexibility and strength (work out post coming soon).

I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my fave sports tops/bras!
I have quite sport-inspired style anyway so I enjoyed shopping for some work out wear.

First up:


From: Misguided
Price: £5 (BARGAIN)

This I would totally wear as non sports wear as well but it’s also super comfy and perfect for a weight training session.

From: American Apparel
Price: £8

This is the least supportive of the 3! But it’s SO comfortable and great under a vest top for a morning yoga routine.


From: USA Pro/ Sports Direct
Price: £13.99

This is the most expensive but still totally reasonable and the most supportive. I could run forever in this and it adds a splash colour too!

What are you wearing for your work outs?
Let me know of any must-haves or sporty bargains!



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4 thoughts on “Work it out

  1. They look so comfortable! I’m a massive lover of anything high-waisted when it comes to fitness. They’re always so amazing to work-out in : ) Btw you look incredible!


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