Last year I ventured to Brussels. I stayed at the Hotel Esperance which was tucked away in a little alley in the middle of the town centre.


The city centre was quite small, easily walking distance to everything I wanted to see. It reminded me of Brighton lanes but much prettier and with a French twist. The cobbled streets and pretty buildings were fancy and grubby but in a good way.


The cat sculpture is just because ‘why not?’

The chocolatiers were immense. There some cheaper touristy ones and also some authentic (very expensive) ones which were hidden away in Sablon. The window displays were amazing…

Being vegan was much harder in Brussels than Berlin. I was in the transition stage when I went so was still eating cheese and chocolate… Luckily. There were plenty of ‘frites’ though. Instead of burger vans like we have here, Brussels just have CHIP VANS. A cone of chips with every possible sauce imaginable. YUM.


If there is one thing Brussels is full of (other than chocolate and chips) it’s MUSEUMS.

We did as many as we can and visited: The Musical Instrument Museum, The Museum of Natural Sciences and the MOOF Museum. All definitely worth a visit, my favourite was the science one as it has the biggest room in Europe dedicated to dinosaurs!


We did some of the touristy sites too: This is the Manneken Pis statue which was way smaller than I thought it would be!

FullSizeRender copy

Visit Brussels if you like: museums, chocolate, old fashioned cobbled lanes and fruit beer!



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