Last year I flew for the first time in 7 years and landed in the eclectic German capital.

I instantly felt at home and made the most of every second I was there, which included waking up at 6am every morning to go out and explore!


I stayed at hotel Gat Point Charlie which combined European interiors with quirky decor and was in the perfect location (it bordered Mitte and Kreuzberg).


This sculpture was right opposite the hotel. it reminded me of the Japanese game “Katamari”.


It was so easy to be vegan in Berlin! I had Bratwurst and there were so many vegetarian restaurants and options. This was from an awesome Vietnamese place called Viet Bowl; I highly recommend it. Even the meat eaters I was with returned and had a vegan option.


I love taking photos of architecture from different countries. These were apartments blocks, there were quite a few buildings like this but these colours really stood out to me.

On one of the days we rented a car and drove out to Sachsenhausen, the concentration camp. It was a very cold, grey day which added to the eeriness and silence that the camp emitted. After visiting we went on the Jewish Memorial which is in central Berlin and definitely worth seeing.


This is one the Berlin Buddy Bears! There were so many dotted around the city so we tried to see how many we could find.


If you go to Berlin, make sure you go east! We took the tram which only covers the east/north side. (Trams are super fun).


I walked the Berlin wall and it’s so worth seeing! The whole east side is much more arty and rough around the edges (in a good way). I’m glad I got to experience all parts of the city.

Have you been before?

I’d love to know what your fave parts were and what you’d recommend! I must go back soon as there’s so much more to explore and I imagine Berlin at Christmas is a magical experience!



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18 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. Stunning photos. I’ve not been to Berlin but it’s on my ever growing travel list so I’m sure I’ll take the opportunity soon!
    Did you find it to be expensive whilst there? Easy to get around?

    Tamsyn Elizabeth |


    1. No I didn’t ☺️ food and travel were really cheap and the public transport is really good. Berlin is big though! So it took some planning to work out when/how to see everything I wanted 🙂 xx


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  5. My friends and I have been thinking about booking for four days next month. Is there enough to do in the city centre or would you need to rent a car? We were hoping just to walk around and find things on our own? Holly xo


    1. There’s definitely enough to do without renting a car. There’s a whole district that we didn’t even get a chance to go to. But don’t go there thinking you can walk everywhere, it’s SO big! Just have a rough plan of a district per day and then you can wander easily 🙂 I would advise a travel card as well as that allows you to go on buses, trams and the metro👍 Have fun! Xx


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